Choosing the photos to put on the walls of our new office got me thinking about project photography and why good photography of the completed project matters. Usually, when a design project finishes up, the construction and any landscaping are completed, and either before or after move-in, we send a photographer out to take pictures. Sometimes the move-in happens and there is never a “right” time to have the photographer come out. As a result, we don’t have good pictures of some of our most photogenic projects! But this quandary deserves more than a “that’s too bad”, because the gap matters for the client, too.

1.   Motivation to Put on Finishing Touches
Knowing that you are going to have a professional photography session helps ensure you get things finished and furnished. Ever been to someone’s new house and there was no furniture in the family room for the first six months? Don’t tell me they didn’t need to use the room. How about landscaping that dragged on for years? I see this happen a lot, due to various delays that are avoidable. When you know a photographer is coming, the final touches seem to come together for a perfect moment before life happens. Never will the place be as clean and organized as this again! (Imagine what happens when the photographer comes after you’ve been living there for a year or so.)

2.   Pride in What You’ve Had Designed
Having built a showcase house, we can always look back and say, “that really did look sharp.” Even if you have to move for a job later on, you’ll always have that photo. A beautiful photo enhances the pride that you feel about what you built. You’ve probably been in a house where a photo of the house was displayed on the wall. It’s interesting! It brings happiness to the owner to see that. The photographer puts the project in a whole different light, which is part of the professional process. 

3.   Pride in What You’ve Had Designed 
It’s also interesting to see the photo shoot. Photographers bring in a lot of neutral props. Some people initially don’t like this, but photographers will take out some personal items and replace them because it reduces the clutter that everyone has. It’s sort of like staging a home for selling it. When you live in a space, you have a certain amount of stuff that you display or keep out for the sake of convenience. Looked at objectively, it’s usually too much stuff, so the photographer will declutter a bit. 
Note: Professional photography takes a long time. Every shot is set up, looked at, the camera repositioned, or items moved. It can take a half hour or longer to set up a single shot.

4.   Win an Award
Last but not least, with professional photography, it becomes possible to submit for awards. A lot of people take pride in their home or business. Even having it in our newsletter or on our website, we’ve seen that the owners love to share those photographs. Likewise, when we hire a photographer, we share their good photography of design projects with the owners. People say, “Wow, this is my house!” Good photography represents their project at a higher level; they are proud of what they have done and had designed for them. In addition, to your pride and joy about the space, imagine the happiness of also winning an award.


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