There’s Form and Function, Then There’s the “Wow Factor”

A Note From Bill
There’s Form and Function, and Then There’s the ‘Wow Factor” As an architect, I love the fact that our design will have an impact on the built environment and influence so many people. When we do our job right, we add value to the homes and businesses of our clients. Our design must of course be functional to the needs of our clients, but also pleasant in design. And then there are the truly wonderful designs that make a building special, that “wow factor.” We are excited to create design that is recognizable as uniquely “you”, whether it’s an office building or a residence. 

Which then brings me to design, not just the design of building, but design in general. People that know me are aware of my passion for automobiles. The design of certain automobiles have been some of the most innovative and create designs throughout the ages. The Model T was an example of utilitarian design, affortable transporation for the common man. The Duesenberg on the other hand was a lesson in design. 

A present day example would be the Ferrari 488. When you look at a Ferrari, you can feel the speed, motion and excitement of driving it. The design has two components, the aerodynamics and the Italian design influence. 
The features include racecar inspired seating. Is there room for a family with kids? No. But that’s not the point of the car. 

The steering wheel is Formula One inspired and has paddle shifters on the wheel. Even the sound of this car is part of the design. When you hear a Ferrari, you know what you are hearing, it’s all part of the experience.
One of the cool things that you see in the 488, is the engine — it’s under a glass cover at the rear of the car. It represents the horsepower, acceleration, power, and performance. 

The aerodynamic features are functional, too. The design increases the downforce and reduces the drag. There’s function behind this beauty, though you may not see it. 

There is also the appeal of the smooth lines, it’s appealing on the gut level. Even in the days of Magnum P.I. and his Ferrari 308. Back then it was cutting edge design, it had a sexy feel to it, now it looks a bit boxier and yet classic. Ferrari has always been on the cutting edge of automotive design as far as luxury sports cars. It is designed extremely well for the purpose at hand. 

The same can be said for building design as well. It might make you say wow when you see it, however, to be successful, it should also be functional and comfortable. Designed for a purpose, good design creates an emotional connection with the people who occupy these spaces as well.

With our design, we aim to create function and comfort as a huge priority while always trying to strive to create a “wow factor” in the process. People notice when it’s done right.

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