Therapeutic Wellness Center New Location Plans Approved

On March 16th, the Hinsdale Village Board unanimously approved plans for a new home for the Therapeutic Wellness Center. Dr. Cara VanWormer-Hartman had a vision and partnered with Studio21 Architects to make it a reality. She has chosen to renovate a building that sat vacant for over 10 years. The current building will be remodeled and an addition which includes a lobby, therapeutic pool, elevator, stairs, and second floor is also part of the plan. The health center, which specializes in a wide range of medical services to get patients feeling healthier than ever before, will occupy the renovated bottom floor while the second floor will consist of tenant offices. The site was challenging but in the end, it will be a welcome update to the streetscape with additional landscape areas added to the parking lot. For more information about Dr. Cara and her practice, visit

Future Site of Therapeutic Wellness Center

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