The Consumer Electronics Show(CES), is the world’s gathering place for all things related to consumer technologies and where net- generation innovations are introduced. Products from drones the size of a quarter to a motorized carry-on suitcase that can travel for six miles with a single charge are on display at this year’s CES. I attended the show a few weeks ago with the focus on seeking out what are new and upcoming in home automation and smart home technology.

Home automation and smart home technology has been around for quite some time now but until recent years the cost of such systems has become increasingly affordable for homeowners. The Nest thermostat, Ring Video Doorbell, and Philips Hue Bulbs are just a few of the products that are better known in the smart home marketplace.

They are all smart devices that have the ability to communicate, send info, and allow users to control them via apps over the internet. Yet there are many more devices that can also tie into a smart home system to help protect your home, automate household items, and even take care of cooking.

For homeowners that are concerned with water leakage in their house, a kit is available that comes with a leak detection sensor and a smart shut off valve. It not only detects a water leak, but it will also shut off the water and then send the homeowner a noti cation. A moisture detector is also on the market that may be placed next to a sump pit. If by chance the sump pump fails and the water reaches a certain level, it will send out a notice to the homeowner.

When it comes to controlling the temperature inside the house, there are devices that can be added to work with the thermostat. Several lines of motorized shades are available that can be programmed to automatically go up or down according to the seasons and sun location to help control the indoor temperature. Smart ceiling fans can be turned on or off according to the time and or temperature of the house providing extra comfort. For outdoor living spaces, there are solar powered motorized patio umbrellas that will rotate according to the sun location to keep everyone in the shade at all times.

For people that enjoy barbeque, a Digital Electric Smoker might be just what they are looking for. By connecting the smoker to the internet and controlling it by an app, you can get real time data such as internal meat temperature, temperature of the smoker, and how much cooking time is left. When connected to the internet, it can even look up the local weather and adju st the cooking time accordingly. When the food is ready it will send a noti cation through the app. The app also provides pre-programmed recipes with preset time and temperature which can be useful for starters.

The advantages of smart devices are not only in their primary functions, they also have the ability to work in sync with other devices. Hallway lights can be triggered on or off with the opening or closing of the garage door. A parameter can also be set so this only happens between sunset and sunrise. With a press of a single button, all the lights in the house will turn off, all the doors will be locked, the garage door will close and the thermostat will set to the preferred temperature. With all of the options in the smart device marketplace and the ease of customization, the possibilities are endless.


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