Are you planning a major renovation or to build a new home or business? Do you know someone who is? We thought we would share some information that may help in that process. 

Recently a couple, Brad and Jen, came to our office to discuss their potential project. We had a great discussion but then Brad said, “I’m not sure yet if you’re the right architect for us because we still have to interview four more.” Brad is in the process of navigating his way through the architect search process. That’s one way to go about it. 

Your choice of an architect can make or break your project. You probably have friends who’ve complained to you about delays, extra expenses, and miscommunication during their own projects. You can avoid all that by making the right choice upfront.

With the right match: 

  • There are open conversations about your real needs 
  • You have realistic expectations and a clear idea of the process
  • The proper steps are given the time and thoroughness they require
  • You and your architect develop a strong sense of connection with one another 
  • All are working toward the same goal 
  • The project stays on your true budget 
  • The timeline is realistic and you know what to expect 
  • You will be delighted with the results
  • Everyone on the project develops a deep mutual respect and enjoys the process.

Finding your perfect match in an architect is not impossible and we’ve developed a downloadable guide with eight points to consider so you aren’t starting the process “in the dark.” We prepared “Selecting the Right Architect for Your Project” to help light the way. You can download it at here.
This guide is more important now than ever because of the misleading and confusing information on the internet and HGTV. Each of these venues show us major renovations that would require an architect yet we rarely see an architect involved in the process. The renovations take place at lightning speeds and little information is given in regards to what steps are taken prior to the first sledgehammer being taken to an existing structure (such as government zoning and planning approvals). It’s not realistic and doesn’t help you figure out what you need for a real-life project.
Using our guide will help you reach your project goal faster because you gain clarity on how to select an architect and will then “just know” when you’ve found that architect. Instead of interviewing five, you may be able to stop at 3, 2 or even #1. This guide is about helping YOU gain clarity so you have the best project and results possible.

In “Selecting the Right Architect for Your Project”, you’ll discover:

  • The best ways to look for an architect
  • The different ways architects assess fees
  • What questions to ask an architect

If you or someone you know is struggling with how to get started with their project, “Selecting the Right Architect for Your Project” may be the right first step. You can download this free, informative PDF guide easily from our website here. Because when it comes to a creating a space or building that is the perfect fit for your wants and needs, the most important step is choosing your architect. 

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