The International Builders Show is a showcase of building products and the place to see new and trending products as well as reconnect with fellow professionals in the industry.

Earlier this year, Bill Styczynski attended the Builder Show in Las Vegas. Anyone planning to build a home for themselves should take the time to attend the IBS show if possible. It’s like a candy store of building products. Everything from plumbing products to windows, garage doors and entry doors. It’s also a great place to find special tools or specialty software.

This year, Bill found a great, inexpensive and helpful product. It’s called WINBAG, a small inflatable device used to lift, align, or shim doors or windows during installation. How often have you taken a door off its hinges and then struggle to get it aligned to drop the pins back in. WINBAG to the rescue. Just place the WINBAG under the door, pump it up to the height of the hinges and pop the pins in place. Fantastic! Their website is http:// Take a look and “pump it up”. Buy one and trust me, you will find a use for it.

“The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) named WINBAG winner of not only the “Most Innovative Building Product”, but also as the overall winner for the entire show as the “Best in Show Product” in its fourth annual Best of IBS Awards held during the 2016 International Builders’ Show (IBS) in Las Vegas.”

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