DuPagePads Drive for 195

DuPagePads Drive for 195

the thirteenth annual race to end homelessness

DuPage Pads Drive for 195


 It is one of the most basic, vital necessities for every single human being. Deprivation of shelter for any reason seems unfathomable, yet is all too common today. Homelessness is indiscriminate—it does not exclusively fall upon the outer fringes of our society; like any catastrophe, it happens due to circumstances beyond one’s control. Circumstances that are in no way unique: divorce, abuse, job loss, or hospital stay; they can all become the difference between paying rent and losing your home.

Locally-serving organization, DuPagePads, has a clear goal in mind: to advocate for those who cannot easily advocate for themselves. According to the team at DuPagePads, success starts with housing. The foundational need to get addressed first and foremost is the provision of a safe, clean place to live. Their clients—called clients to give back a deserved sense of esteem—seek assistance for a wide range of reasons and after placement into housing, they can receive any of the supplemental services that DuPagePads arranges. All clients seek to improve their lives, and in providing safe housing, they subsequently lay the groundwork for other improvements to happen.

 The philosophy of DuPagePads advocates in more ways than one. They do not hold their clients to a proverbial measuring stick; the only one who makes timelines and goals is the client themselves. More often than not, homelessness arises as a side effect of other struggles. Among the most frequent circumstances are financial hardships, need of mental health support, disabilities and asylum from abuse. For each of these struggles, DuPagePads offers assistance to help clients find jobs, heal from trauma and receive proper support.

 Throughout the year, DuPagePads organizes several annual events to garner donations for their cause. This July, the thirteenth annual Drive for 195 Race to End Homelessness takes place. This year marks Studio21 Architects’ fourth year of participation in this one-of-a-kind charitable event, in which we have put together a team not only to race, but to fundraise to achieve DuPagePads’ goal of 195 thousand dollars. In the country, DuPagePads is the largest organization of its kind, and they need donations now more than ever. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of children in need of aid has doubled. Moreover, other Chicagoland shelters—specifically those serving women who have escaped from domestic violence—have reached capacity. DuPagePads remains committed to bridging this gap in availability, especially since the initial period after leaving domestic violence is, statistically, the most dangerous time for them. This organization sees the immense need of shelter and housing since the pandemic, and they refuse to be deterred as long as someone needs their help.

Studio21 Architects’ President, Bill Styczynski, embraces his competitive spirit, and the opportunity to use that spirit for such an important cause gives him even more reason to push for the best. He does not just aim for his team to win the four-hour endurance race—he aims for his team to raise the most money for DuPagePads. The team with the most donations raised can win a prime spot at the starting line!

The Drive for 195 Race to End Homelessness will be held on July 8th, 2023 at the Autobahn Country Club in Joliet. Here, we have linked a video from DuPagePads about what the Drive for 195 is all about. 

Racing the Karting Course for Drive for 195

Finally, we ask that if you care about the mission of DuPagePads, please consider making a donation to  support our team for the event, so that DuPagePads may even surpass their goal this year. You can click here to donate to Studio21 Architects’ fundraising page for Drive for 195.  

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