Downers Grove Kitchen Renovation

Recently, a team member of the Studio21 Architects completed a kitchen renovation for of his own home. The dated 1960’s kitchen was in need of a major renovation to make it more suitable to today’s lifestyle. Kitchens are increasingly becoming the hub of the home. Kitchens are not only just for preparing meals but also where the family gathers. Modern kitchens need to be more connected to the rest of the house and the design should allow for space where the whole family gathers.

The existing kitchen was dark and closed off to the rest of the house. By opening up the side wall, the kitchen had been opened up to the rest of the house which not only makes it feel larger, it also makes it more connected to the rest of the house. The addition of an island allows for casual dining or for family members to gather while the kitchen is in use. The island also increases storage and makes everyday use items easily accessible. An extra window was added to allow for extra daylight to come through, and shelves were added in front of the window to compensate for the storage that was eliminated by the enlarged window. Light color cabinets were selected to further lighten up

Light color cabinets were selected to further lighten up the space. The kitchen was finished with quartz countertop for ease of maintenance. The final result is a kitchen not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional. The kitchen now has ample storage space and work surfaces along with plenty of space for people to gather. When your kitchen starts to feel a bit tired and is in need of an update, give us a call and let us help you design the kitchen of your dream.

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