Designed for additions, renovations, and new custom homes

You have decided to move forward with the addition or renovation that’s been on your mind. Maybe even go all-in and build the custom home of your dreams. What’s the logical next step? Who should you talk to, a realtor, an architect, or a builder?

Studio 21 Architects is here to help with your design and discovery process to make sure your addition, renovation, or new custom home is exactly what you’ve dreamed it can be. It’s not uncommon to not know where to start It is not uncommon or worse, launch into expensive design services or even construction without carefully establishing the groundwork for a successful project.

“You wouldn’t start construction without a solid foundation and you shouldn’t start designing without a proper diagnosis of your design intent and existing conditions. It’s expensive to change the foundation once you start to build on top of it and the same is true with design.”

You have probably heard of a nightmare project that was designed but can’t be built. Or the project that went over budget or beyond the projected schedule. Starting with the wrong process can ultimately create undue stress for you and your family.

The Studio21 Architects Design Discovery Review is an initial phase of work prepared before beginning the process of designing your addition or renovation.

The Design Discovery Review starts with a lifestyle audit that includes a questionnaire on your lifestyle and your needs, which then helps define the goals for what you really want to accomplish.

“Most people come to us with the logical what they need already in their head, the Design Discovery Review uncovers the why and allows us to better design a solution that meets your expectations.”

We’ve been working in the Chicagoland area for over 35 years and understand what’s needed to successfully design a renovation, addition, or new custom home to match the inspiration and expectations you have for your project.


Studio 21 Architects use the Design Discovery Review because past experience shows that proper upfront planning results in a better final project. Benefits include:

  • A home where you wouldn’t change a thing.
  • You create a means to modify your existing home so you won’t have to move out of the neighborhood and into someone else house with unknown defects.
  • The information we develop can be used to proceed with us or any other architect.
  • Helps you capture the essence and feel of the home you really want to live in.

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