10 tips to turn your no-frills bathroom to an in-home resort oasis

The bathroom, by nature, is a very personal space with design criteria that will vary from client to client. It can range from a no-frills space to an in-house resort oasis. Regardless of the design, there are features that make a good bathroom great.

There is always that one question that needs to be answered when it comes to the master bath; tub or no tub. The answer should be based on lifestyle choices. If you really know you will use it, then, by all means, include a great soaking or whirlpool tub. However, if you are not the soaking type, don’t worry about including one. Save the money and space, don’t worry about resale, especially if you will never use it. Regardless, there should be at least one tub in the home for bathing young children somewhere.

Features to consider:

  1. Proper lighting to light your face at the mirror; think about using dimmers to avoid bright lights first thing in the morning.
  2. Plan for towel bar locations – often overlooked
  3. Exhaust fans are a necessity with sufficient ventilation – consider models with built-in timers, humidistat, and/or motion sensors.
  4. Select low slip floor surfaces
  5. Underfloor radiant heat is always a nice amenity
  6. Consider motorized window treatments if there is a tub in front of a window. The motorized options are now much more reasonably priced.
  7. The shower should have easy-to-reach controls and shouldn’t be oversized. Also, don’t forget about ventilation.
  8. Grab bars should be considered, if not for immediate needs, then plan for the future with solid blocking in locations for the future.
  9. Water recirculation is almost a necessity if the bathroom is located far from the water heater. On-demand recirculation systems also exist as an option.
  10. Future accessibility needs should never be overlooked. We never know what the future brings for any of us.

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